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I rented an auto from Dollar in Orlando. A month after i paid my Bill my Visa Account was charged an extra $50.10. Dollar charged me this $50 because they said I short the Toll Booth by .05 cents both on the way to and from the Airport. So they charged my Credit card $25 penalty each way for a total of $50.10. When I attempted to challenge this rediculous charge, it was impossible for me to contact Customer Service. There was no avenue either on line or by telephone. I never short Toll Booths in my life. Abd they said i did this twice.

Then Dollar gave my name and Visa Card # to two Tele marketeers. when the Introductory information arrived at my office, I immediately canceled the charges of $16.99. But they didn't tell me there were two sections that the tele marketeers were billing, not one. So the tele marketeers kept billing me for the second part of the Service at $16.99 per mth for the past six months. i happened to notice the Charges this month and tel to find out what they were. When I attempted to cancel, I still lost the six months of charges that I had no idea were being posted to my Visa account.

I will never, never, never, never ,never, never, never do business with Dollar Rent A Car again as long as I live. They are unscrupulous, underhanded crooks of the first order.

Bob ONeil

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Just received a statement from credit card company. Dollar tacked on an extra twenty six dollars with no card in hand and no explanation of charges.

Ditto on the never do business with Dollar. All these charges after being charged a huge amount extra on top of a package deal. Orlando airport seems to be a good place to avoid renting cars. This car was rented in April and paid in full.

Not the first time we have had problems with Dollar. :(

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