My husband rented a Dollar rental car out of Manchester, NH. We were thrilled to get a $15 per day rate as the trip was expensive enough and we are not rich.

When he got to the counter, he verbally declined insurance -- TWICE. But he signed the form without paying close attention. To our surprise, our $150 dollar total bill was a whopping $316 when he checked out, as the person who had him initial made him opt for insurance he did not want. Be warned -- check your contract carefully and don't rely on the person behind the counter to check the boxes correctly!

We complained, said we used American Express that covers insurance automatically, but Dollar would not retract the insurance charge. They had unfortunately "fired" the person Justin in their office who had made the mistake so we were not able to contact him and have a discussion.

This Justin person was fired for making too many mistakes on the job. As someone who is quite challenged with just making house payments and paying bills, the $160 extra dollars that went to Dollar Rent a Car -- a big corporation -- and out of my poor pocket, is a good example of poor customer service.

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Okay, but that is not what is the problem. The bigger problem is that they know you are relying on what you see on the internet and made all your plans based on that.

So this company knows this and adds on extra charges because you have no other choice, because you did not plan for it. THIS IS A HORRIBLE COMPANY.


How is this the company's fault when you and your husband did not read the contract? You yourself should read it and initial everything, do not rely on someone else to do it for you.

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