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I reserved and prepaid a full size 4 WD to be picked up at Las Vegas airport after a very long plane trip from Europe. When we got to the airport we were charged a 400 dollar drop off fee without being told a word of what was about to happen.

Then someone brought an smaller car without saying a word hoping we would not notice (probably thinking we are not smart enough to notice).

Since that is not the car we had paid for and we could not fit our stuff there we said so to the person there. He just simply said too bad, that is what we got, leave it or take it.

At that point I had two very cranky children on the floor of a garage after a 25 hour non sleeping trip from Europe, but sure, that is also my problem.

I went to the person who had charged me the 400 dollar fee without "remembering" they did not have my car and she says, too bad, it's your problem, that's what we have. After I complained and complained they said; "go to the terminal and talk to the manager".

I found the manager and try to explain the situation, only to be interrupted first thing saying she does not want to know anything about my long trip or my family situation. I feel like telling her to forget about me, but since I have no car, I just have to put up with all this REALLY nasty people, since maybe smiling I would get a car . She says that maybe in some hours someone will bring back a car, but they don't know.

At that point someone comes to her to ask if they should tell all the people standing in line that they have no cars ,or should they just tell them one by one. She chooses one by one, I guess since it would be quieter.

By now I just want a car, anything 4 wheeled where I can fit my luggage, as it looks like we could spend the night at the airport.

Finally she offers me a damaged car, which I take. The car is over 40,000 miles, has a very very damaged roof, is dirty inside, and tires have almost no patter that's how wear out they are.

I have rented with DOLLAR for my last 4 American one month vacation, never having a problem. But that was it. The fact that they had no car was bad enough, but trying to fool us, treating us so rudely, just made it. Bye DOLLAR, I just hope many people find out and take business to more considerate companies, which is what I will do.

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