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While parked using long term parking at this facility my drivers side mirror was knocked off. When we picked up the car management first pretended that nothing happened then made us fill out a report.

We fixed the car at our own expense and presented them with the bill 4 month ago. It has been nothing but lies and runaround ever since. This place is completely unprofessional.

I will never use DOLLAR in any capacity at any airport. Companies like DOLLAR do not deserve to remain in businesss.


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We had the worst experience with this Dollar Rent a Car. I couldn't believe that this lady and another customer before me were compaining about their cars being scraped..until my new car came out MORE than scraped!!

The damage to my car was almost a thousand dollars to repair!

They had me write up a report, and not one person came to apologize to me..The girl behind the counter said to us in a low voice.."They park the cars so close together and sometimes the people parking them go really fast and don't care!!"

We had a great vacation, and then coming home to that nightmare was horrible.

Many phone calls later we finally got a check in the mail to fix our car. I will NEVER EVER go there again, and if you are smart, DO THE SAME!


1080 Reviews and mostly positive on the Internet. I don't understand why???

My E-Z-Pass was stolen from the car. I parked my car because of all the positive reviews, but I was shcoked to see that the E-Z-Pass was gone. Not even did some of their employee take it off from the windsheild but also used it once before I could deactivate it. This is so shocking for me that a brand name like DOLLAR would not be able to give me a good experience.

According to their Shift manager, they do not take the responsibility for goods left in the car but still can you help your customers remind to *** their E-Z-Pass and GPS from the car. Their Manager tells me how do we know you left it in the car. I used it 30 minutes prior to parking at their place. The employee who stole used it once before I could deactivate, his fingermarks are on the windsheild.

People stay away from their parking services. Their customer service is rude and point blank they tell you, look at the back of the slip it has all terms and conditions. Did not even apologize.

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