Made reservation in Feb for May 11, 2013...knew I was arriving at 1 am so I called day before to confirm. Upon arrival got screwed and left stranded at 1 am by the "manager" Kirsten who tried to scam an extra 250.00 deposit out of us..tried high pressure sales *** about only buying the "prepaid gas" and dealt with her crappy attitude when she had to come out of back room to assist the unkempt and unprofessional worker behind counter when line got to 3 people and he couldn't handle it- BOTTOM LINE- they SUCK !

Stay away. Also watched them scam an elderly couple for "prepaid gas", "prepaid tolls" and all the "insurances" as they didn't know any better.

We went to Alamo down the block and they were fantastic ! Dollar Sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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