Bayport, New York

Check your receipt immediately representative put optional charges that we refused on bill. Since we were rushing I didn't look at what I was signing, I signed for optional charges that I had refused and the slimmy Representative added to our bill.

So at the end when the car was returned the receipt was given to me with the inflated charges. When I questioned it there I was advised there was nothing I could do about it because I had signed.

Apparently they do this all the time and get away with it. I will never use dollar again!

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Our SunPass Toll Transponder for Florida at Orlando MCO was stolen out of our rental car while returning the car. Very slick.

I thought my husband had it and my husband thought I had it. As we were walking away I checked with my husband about the sunpass. We were not more than 100 ft. away.

My husband ran back to find my transponder gone. The person who checked us in upon return said another customer probably took it out of our car while we were checking it in.

Some companies may be in the practice of recycling to rent to their customers. Glad it wasn't something of more value.


same thing happened for the second time at Tulsa Int.I declined their ins.Open ended bill(on purpose).Had to pay addditional ins.SCAM!! Do they teach their employees to rip customers off?Hope someone sues!I"ll never use Dollar again and will let everyone I know about this rip-off!They must make millions with this!


the same thinkg just happened to me in Vegas w/ Dollar!!!! they added nearly $200 in charges we DECLINED originally, but since their screens don't show you a TOTAL charge and the sales reps neglect to tell you this you don't find out till you bring the car back!!! UNACCEPTABLE

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