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Use ANYONE but Dollar in Spokane. If you're thinking of renting a car anywhere in Spokane, WA, DO NOT use Dollar. These franchises are owned by the same person, so you'll see the same thing at both.

If you value your money or time, you'll choose another rental car company. Here are four reasons to AVOID Dollar/Thrifty in Spokane. I experienced these myself:

1.They'll charge you for prepaid fuel, even if you don't want or need it. When I explicitly asked to have it removed, they said they don't trust customers to fill up on short trips. So, it's required for everyone.

2.They'll charge you for their roadside assistance insurance, even after you specifically ask them to remove it.

3.They'll hide all of their extra charges as "the cost of getting frequent flyer points". They told me that it was going to be $100 more than my reservation "because of frequent flyer miles". They managed to do it with a straight face.

4.If you call them after your rental period and tell them about your bad experience, they'll suddenly say that you caused significant damage to one of their cars and try to get you to pay for it. For me, it was 2 months after my rental. They even sent me documentation saying that the car was involved in an accident 2 days after I returned it. No kidding. I think they've been able to perpetrate this on a number of customers. I saw them do #1 through #3 on the people in front of me in line and this seems to be a common thread of reviews throughout the internet.

If you value your time or money, GO ELSEWHERE. It's not worth the risk. For the full story, go to

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