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We reserved our car online for an upcoming trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Once we got there, they offer us insurance but we denied it because we had our own insurance provider.

We had to pay around $20 over the total amount we were supposed to, according to our reservation, when we asked why, they replied something about taxes we also had to give them $500 deposit which is higher than other rental places. Nobody explained us about the auto express, so we ended up paying $17.50 for two $0.75 tolls. The car was in really bad mechanical condition and it was also infected with roaches. Last but not least, after taking the car inside their premises they brought it back and showed us a dent in the front bumper.

I know we didn't do such thing to the car. My boyfriend moved the bumper and the dent magically disappeared, but they still made us sign papers about such dent and they retained our $500 deposit. The customer service was awful, they did not care for us, the customers.

I got pictures of everything the roaches, the created dent, I got the receipts of the tolls we paid. But still I am afraid of them keeping my deposit for no reason.

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