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After being HOUNDED to purchase extras like toll savers, multiple types of insurance for over fifteen minutes (and repeatedly saying NO to each and ever one) at a counter in Orlando Florida I finally said "I DO NOT WANT ANY EXTRAS, I JUST WANT MY CAR. How can I do that?" The SCAM ARTIST behind the counter said "Just sign and click accept, and it's yours."

At the end of the week the bill was double what I agreed to.

WORD TO THE WISE: Don't leave without the actual PAPER that you initial, and dbl check the price!

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #603274

Same here!

Deceptive and unethical procedures!

We completed and online registration for a rental car with Dollar on Sunday December 23rd, 2012. The registration was detailed ad exactly what we wanted and we received a Grand Total price and a Confirmation number N3101953.

When we arrived the line was very long and we had our 3 young children with us, who are 3, 5, and 6 years old. After waiting just under 55 minutes we were finally next. I handed the Dollar agent our confirmation sheet that detailed exactly what we ordered and agreed to. He then proceeded to try and sell us an upgrade, then a GPS system, and then Insurance. We politely told him that we did NOT need any of those and that all we wanted was what we had already ordered and reserved online.

We trusted him to honor what we ordered and what we handed him and with a crying baby in my arms and two boys saying that they needed a bathroom I simply signed the screen several times not reading through each line.

We received a printout which was very small print and not very legible but we continued to get the kids to the restroom and didn’t really think anything of it.

Once we were on the lot there was no one around to help us – we found a car which was the last one on the aisle and then proceeded to load are bags into the van. I did a walk around with my wife and took pictures of the van both inside and out before we pulled out of the space.

We noticed a small dent in the passenger side door along with several other marks and scratches which we took pictures.

On the way off the lot I stop and got out the meet the check-out girl that was at the exit. I should her the marks, dent and scratch – she then noted it all on the contract and as we began to drive off we realized that someone had left a completely wet floor mat up on the roof of the car (Black van and back mat and it was dark) so we didn’t notice until ready to drive down the road.

All these were minor inconveniences and the worst was the nearly hour wait to get in a car.

The reason for filing the report is that after everything we told the Dollar agent he still added the insurance and are original online Grand Total of $379.33 soon became a $556.57!

I know that $177 may not seem like a big deal – my point is the fact that I feel exploited and ripped off and when we asked to have it corrected we were treated very rude by Vanessa who spoke with her manager and said that I had signed the contact and should have read it closer. I explained that I’m a small business owner and that I’m not trying to get something for nothing just that we had a confirmation and a price for what we wanted and that we said we did NOT want the insurance yet their rep added anyways.

Her response to me was “Sir you said that you are a business owner, therefore you must read a lot of contracts and why did you sign for this if it was wrong!”

I could not believe the arrogance and we received little help when I called the corporate to report how we were treated.

At this point nothing was done and I have lost all trust and confidence with Dollar, ethics, and their customer service.

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