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The agent asked if I was going to need a device to automatically pay my tolls for me if I was going to be traveling south on the highway. Not familiar with the "hidden / invisible" toll traps south of Miami - being a visiting tourist, I said no, thinking I will take care of paying for my own tolls IF I decide to travel south, which at the time I had no intention of doing.

During my stay, I DID happen to travel south one day to sight-see. WOW, was I surprised to get a bill for $107 for invisible tolls. As it turns out, the $107 was to reimburse Dollar Rent A Car for a total of $2 of tolls.

That's right, they penalize the consumer $105 for failing to pay $2 in tolls during my travels on the turnpike. They call them "Administrative Fees"; I call it "Highway Robbery", literally!!!

Monetary Loss: $105.

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Annapolis, Maryland, United States #774513


I do investigative work for a firm that represents victims of scams that you mentioned. Please call me at 917/301-0430 or provide a number to reach you.


David Cohen

to S0_Sad Fort Myers, Florida, United States #651043

The 105.00 was not to reimburse the rental company for the 2.00 toll, The 100.00 was what the State charges the rental company for the non payment of tolls...tolls plural..In the state of Florida, in a residents vehicle they get (1) time through the express lane with the tag thats on their personal vehicle. The same applies to any other tag wether its a rental or personal.

So the other 5.00 was for not listening to the agent and listening to their freinds. :cry

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