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I rented a Ford Focus at DFW airport. I signed the electronic agreement AFTER declining all insurance.

Then I see a $68 charge for insurance on my credit card bill FOR INSURANCE!

Thats a whopping $22,000

a year for car insurance. What I deal. I'm considering dropping my current car insurance carrier.............NOT. MY complaint.................

$100 charge for my $32 Ford Focus for one day. Stick with the big car rental companies and skip Dolllar!!!!!!!! Please be sure you see all the paperwork before you sign the electronic board. If the line grows behind you because of this, don't worry about it....

if Dollar Rent A (scam) Car loses their business, you will be doing the people in line a big favor. Frank in Pennsylvania

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I've rented from Dollar. First screen shows you what you are accepting and what you are declining.

It's a CONTRACT! The last screen shows you your estimate charges.

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