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My husband and I went on vacation to orlando and we parked our car in the gargage where we thought it would be safe.Well GUESS WHAT our car came back damaged and the first thing they ask us is " do you ask for your car to be inspected" ?

Why should we do that. We put our trust in them and we get the bad end of the stick. We went into the office to see what WE can do to reslove this issue But all we got was ATTIUDE, RUDENESS and walked away from when we were talking. We have since called a couple of people to see what they can do to help and it seems like no one wants to help or should i say get there hands dirty.We are STILL getting the run around.....Call this person , Speak to that person...OR there's nothing we can do about that.

Does anyone know what we can do or where we can call? I think DOLLAR RENATL CARE should be responsible for this. had we brought back a car that we rented from them damaged then we would be responsible right!!!! So i think they should be responsible for my damage.

So please if anyone has information please share that with me.

Thanks so much for your help.

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A word of caution to everyone, who intends to rent Dollar/Thrifty cars in Germany.Dollar/Thrifty uses a licensee in Germany with very dubious, misleading, deceptive and fraudulent business practices.

When you order the car on the Dollar or Thrifty website, you will receive the usual confirmation, which breaks down the rental cost in its subcomponents such as airport fees, VAT, road tax etc. Nothing was mentioned of a mandatory insurance premium of €20 ($28) per day. For every car I ever rented anywhere in the world, the credit card always covered the insurance premium. The AMEX Gold card specifically mentioned this coverage.

It was the counter agent at the airport, who insisted on another €400.- ($560.-) insurance premium. It is highly immoral to spring this surprise on customers who just arrived on a sleepless trans-Atlantic overnight flight. This made the car the most expensive car I ever rented.

In addition, the car had no air conditioning and when I started phoning the agency on the 0700 number supplied on the rental agreement, I was constantly put on hold and transferred to other agents and found out later, why. The 0700 is not toll free number, but costs appr €1.- ($1.35) per minute, an attractive side income for the agency.

Should you be in the unfortunate position to have to call the agency for help, use their German direct dial number 0203-348-5422. It will...

I drove around in an oven for 3 weeks with temperatures of over 30C (85F).It later turned out that the connecting hoses for the A/C on this brand-new car were missing.

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