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My first complaint is just with general advertising of rates. When a rate is being quoted for a specific location, like an airport, they need to tell you all of the additional fees that are going to be charged before you make your reservation. It really sucks to do my research and find the best rates only to discover that they tack on a bunch of extra hidden fees. I would have rented off airport property if I had been informed of those extra fees. And they never did inform me about what the trip saver fee was... at 4.99 it doesn't sound like a trip saver to me.

My second complaint is with the female employee who was working the morning of 1/29/12 at the SLC Airport Dollar Rental. When I called to make inquiries about my bill and about how to switch my charges to a different credit card her tone was rude, short, and arrogant. She should not be in the business of customer service. My tone was not angry or rude, so I don't understand why she started right off with such a cold attitude.

My third complaint is regarding the cost to switch my charges to a different credit card. When I checked in, I did not realize they would want to put a $150+ hold on my credit card, and the credit card I wanted to use did not have that much space on it at the time. I asked if I would be able to have final charges put on a different card when I checked out and she said yes, but she did not inform me of any fees. After I returned the car and requested to have the final charges put on a different card I was told they would charge an additional $5 to change cards because the bank charges a "per-swipe" fee. Ok, I happen to know that merchant swipe fees run between 25-45 cents. A one-thousand percent increase over that is a bit extreme.

Needless to say, this will be my last interaction with Dollar.

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