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These people must have a crappy hourly wages or something. They are the most unprofessional and down right rude people I have ever encountered it the history of my travels.

The Internet Rates you reserve online magically inflate when you arrive at the front counter at this location. They not only try to sell you the additional insurance that we know all rental agencies do but also try to obligate you to purchase a Rim and tire insurance that is not covered by there insurance they offer. Then if you come with your own personal auto insurance they not only try to charge you up front a $500 deposit for the rental, they try to charge you the amount of your deductible which could range from $250 to $1000 depending on what your deductible is for your personal auto insurance. You are jet lagged and tired and now frustrated at this point but it do not end here.

Now you have to endure there rudeness and lack of customer service. The staff at this Dollar Rental agency do not care or do not even try to make inventory of there vehicles I assume, Because it seems that they take reservations but do not hold reservations. Now they tell you that the car size you reserved is not available due to overbooking, you would think to your self that this is not my problem and they should upgrade me for free or upgrade me with a deep discount. Your so dead wrong!!!.

The front desk agent now tells you with the only smile you would probably see thru out your transaction here "you can take it or leave it", and the only courtesy you would probably receive is that the agent will say this in both Spanish or English upon your request. Avoid this Dollar Rental Location in San Juan Puerto Rico like you avoid herpes.

I ended up renting at Alamo inside the airport. They are more professional and the rates are the same or better and there are no hidden fees or upfront deposits.

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Decatur, Georgia, United States #947075

They outright lied, told me I was initialling to waive the insurance when actually I was initialling to accept it.



I agree with Caborojito in his experience with dollar rent a car. They immediately take the weekly charges and leave the deposit pending with your bank after the car has been returned and inspected by them.

My car interior was dirty, scratches, dents all over the exterior per my inspection. Car performance was poor, maintenance indicator constantly came on.

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