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Amazingly enough, this company continues to get worse at an alarming rate. My last hurrah with this steaming pile of a company is a recent trip to Orlando.

Asked at the desk about tolls and the attendant tells me "just drive on through... they read the tag". Needless to say, the tolls were not being read. Called their office and was told by "Pauline" that the supervisor would call me right back.

In the intervening days (because they NEVER CALLED BACK), I had plenty of time to read the fine print about the $25 per violation, and $25 service charge from "Can we have a Dollar Rent a toilet". Never a dime again.

I highly recommend Avis.

Budget is a decent fallback, and these guys used to be number 3 for value (forget Hertz unless you have a Fortune 500 budget or a trust fund). Dollar offers defeatured car models that are marginally cleaned (if at all), and a litany of hidden charges, and to top it off, if you don't do a walkaround they will always try to ding you for their road damage (take picture with your cell phone on the walkthrough).

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