Hiring a car online through Dollar rental was easy. The rest of my experience extremely distressing.

Upon booking online, using their website I Secured a 'city special deal' for my 28 day rental. I chose a mid size SUV with a base rate of $524. There are additional charges as you expect with most vehicle rentals. These totalled

Apt Conc Recov Fee (not sure what this is an there's no explanation on their website) of $58.32

Facility Charge $10

State Tax $52.49

Tourism Surcharge $13.65

My Estimated grand total came in at $659.40 and was a 'pay later' option

You can imagine my shock, as a single female traveller arriving in the middle of la after nearly 30 hours of travel when after waiting at the counter for nearly 40 minutes to see a sales advisor late in the evening when the sales representative informs me I had to add their insurance covers.

Now, during my online booking process it informs you 'Look at the following protection packages that will be available when you pick up your vehicle.' There are a few basic details, no prices or estimates. I rent vehicles regularly and am happy to accept the bare minimum cover that is usually included in the vehicle rental, as I have my own 'business'policy that covers everything else. You have no idea when you book that you're going to be slapped with a HUGE charge, or face walking away without a vehicle.

The sales agent was rather pushy and short with me. I explained my situation, that I didn't want the extra cover and that I was happy to continue with my rental as booked as I had budgeted for this amount. After being informed he would not complete my rental without putting on the 'optional extras?!' or Id have to face walking away, out of pocket and without a vehicle onto the streets of LA. I asked on multiple occasions if he could please explain everything to me clearly, but he was rude and impatient and told me to sign the screen as it was busy and he needed to see there customers. Reluctantly and feeling incredibly upset and intimidated I signed the screen and was directed out the door to pick my car. I was in shock and nobody at the car rental was willing to help or explain to me.

My card was charged $1138. Nearly twice as much as my original reservation!!! I left in tears and out of pocket!

Looking at my receipt from the rental cents I am flabbergasted at the 'additional charges' that have been added to my bill. For some reason they now state:

Apt Conc Recov Fee $105.67 (nearly twice as much as the original quote for this unknown product)

Facility Charge $10

State Tax $57.85

Tourism Surcharge $13.65

PLUS $377.73 worth or insurance that I did not ask for or need!

I chose the optional pre paid fuel as I'll be short of time when I drop my vehicle off.

I have written to them and am still awaiting a response. BE WARNED.....do not hire from this rental company. Terrible customer service, terrible sales agents, massive unexplained charges. A good deal is not a good deal and you will be left high and dry!!

This experience has completely tainted my holiday, I was left with no money and unable to afford my last week so will unfortunately be heading home early!!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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