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When I arrived at the Dollar desk to collect the car I was in a hurry as my wife had been taken ill on the plane and I wanted to get away as quickly as possible to get to the hospital. This was already a bad start to our honeymoon.

So you can imagine I was in a real hurry but then had to spend a very long time at the San Francisco Airport desk insisting to the guy that I did not want to upgrade to a convertible, he just kept going on and on about upgrading, and I just kept telling him I did not want to pay a single thing extra than what we had already paid for (through CarHire300) and I refused to upgrade to any additional packages. It was ridiculous, I must have repeated my self 100 times or more - I said very clearly "NO I do not want to pay for anything more than the car rental which is already paid".

He said ok and then passed me the contract across the desk and keeping his hand on the contract at all times, pointed where to sign, which I did, took the keys and left.

I did asked him about petrol and what type the car took, he advised that the car had a full tank already, when I asked how much that would cost he said not to worry about it we would not be charged and to bring it back empty, which I thought was a bit weird, but had no time to query it - now I see why!

He never mentioned anything insurance or road safe and certainly did not inform me to expect any additional charges. I only signed it where he said to, I did not agree to any charges - yet here is what was taken additionally:

$104.85 - Personal Protection Plan.

$89.85 - Optional Supplementary Insurance called "˜Road safe plus' (This is a top up insurance that covers for items that are not normally covered in the standard breakdown package)

$27.64 - "˜Conferrecchg' (This is tax payable on any extras)

$15.87 - "˜State Tax' (This is also tax payable on any extras)

$54.11 - Pre paid fuel

$292.32 - Total Amount

I did not agree to any of these additional extras, we were already on an extremely tight budget for our honeymoon so there's absolutely no way I would have initialed for them.

This is absolutely terrible, I feel totally tricked. Was the guy at the desk on commission!! How could this have happened when I did not agree to those charges!!!

Is this how Dollar gets money by tricking people into signing for something they know nothing about!! I am totally disgusted and do not intend to let this rest until I get a full refund.

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The same thing happened to my husband. He told them he wanted no insurance and I had already purchased insurance through a travel agency in addition to our full auto insurance that covers rentals.

I started a fraud investigation through my bank, and the Federal Trade Commission asked that I report the incident to the state attorney's office.

The bank refunded me the disputed amount. Never again will I use their services.

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